Would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves whimsical items

in Take Me Garden Solar Lights

It is whimsical and the figure besides looking like an angel, it looks like a fairy as well. An addition to the solar lighting is a set of chimes. It is decorative during the day or night.

This solar light is special, the crackle glass ball emits a nice light and shines through the many small cut outs of the moon. The moon and figure are doubled sided, giving it a three dimensional appearance. So it looks great from different directions.

The chime’s tone is pleasant. It draws attention to it and is relaxing to hear.

You can use it outside or even inside as just decoration! If wherever you hang it doesn't have direct sunlight, you can remove the top solar panel and place it in the direct sun during the day to charge! Chimes are sturdy and gems are plastic so no worries about if they will break because they won't! Plenty of light and lovely sound. Even the bulb looks like decorated glass.
would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves whimsical items!


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