The lantern provides a warm glow

in Take Me Garden Solar Lights

This metal solar lantern has a nice, elegant appearance that looks good during the day. At night is when this lantern really "shines" though, as the pattern it makes is fantastic. The metal used is cut out with precision so the pattern projection looks very focused and pleasing to the eye. It looks great on a table or the patio floor. I would also recommend it raised about 1-2 feet off the ground for the pattern to spread out and still be focused.

This lantern's solar element is a good quality, and the light stays on longer than many of my other solar lights. As with all solar products, it's just great that there's nothing to do but watch it come on automatically every night.
It helps staying home a pleasure. If you do go out ,stay safe in small sparsely populated areas, meanwhile enjoy your garden beautifully lit with these "no maintenance" lanterns . Best wishes.



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