When i have moon globe stake lights ,I waited in anticipation for night to fall

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When the globe turned on, it was a, sparkly, magical moment. I could imagine Tinker Bell flying about it, throwing fairy dust into the wind, while giggling away. Yes, and I'm an adult, just enjoying a free child moment. so I waited in anticipation for night to fall.
At night the lit globe is very bright but soft at the same time; definitely not that piercing blue/white light. It stays lit from dusk to dawn, maintaining the same level of brightness.
Other garden lights I've owned were very dim, but this one is brighter and casts a very pretty pattern through the cutouts in the moon. The item is sturdy and looks as though it will hold up well in all types of weather. We had a heavy rain storm yesterday, and last night the light shone brightly. This item looks very pretty in my garden, in the daytime and the nighttime. I'm a happy camper!

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