The light that it sheds is beautiful and perfect solution for a path on the side of the house

in Take Me Garden Solar Lights

These solar lights are amazing! I waited a bit to review to see how they would do in different weather conditions and they never disappoint! Even on cloudy/rainy days they light up bright all night. The design they cast is so beautiful and bright. They were very easy to assemble and the stakes went right into the ground for me with no issue. They are nice and sturdy too, so they should hold up well.

The light that it sheds is beautiful. Perfect solution for a path on the side of the house. I also have them at the front of the house just to add a little extra touch of style. Mind you, this light will guide your footing but you won’t see much more then that. The design that it shines on to the ground is so pretty. From a distance you can see a little bite of the design but you also have the light itself that is pretty. So all in all it’s a win!

Every time someone sees them they compliment them and ask where they can order a set.

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