I am absolutely in love with this owl lantern.

in Take Me Garden Solar Lights

I am absolutely in love with this lantern. It is beautifully stenciled to provide a perfect reflection on the surrounding pavement and back wall, provided adequate or proper distancing. My preferred distance from the ground is about 2 feet above to give a perfect silhouette of an owl, which is perceivable even at a reasonable distance. I’ve provided photos to show placement. I have full intentions of adding to my collection of solar lamps which really lend to a lovely evening atmosphere. I think these may also offer for an extended warranty which I did not purchase but believe it’s a good idea and we’ll worth it. These are also very manageable in their lightweight to not offer concerns of damage from impact or fall.

View Detail:https://www.ustakeme.com/products/garden-decoration-solar-outdoor-waterproof-lantern-owl-projection-light-pattern


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